Voyages of the Starship Phobos

GM Log Entry #9

Race to Ectair

Having rescued the crew of the Pride of Rigel from the unimaginably dangerous second planet killer, the first of which was dubbed ‘the Doomsday Machine’ by Captain James Kirk, the USS Phobos resumed course to the planet Ectair at maximum warp to warn Ectair’s inhabitants and mount an evacuation of as many Ectairians as possible. The Pride of Rigel followed not far behind, and although moving more casually toward Ectair, unfortunately so did the planet killer.

Captain T’Androma convened a hasty meeting to discuss any and all means available to accomplish their critical tasks of trying to neuttralize the doomsday device and evacuate Ectair. They would receive little help from Ectair’s Chancellor, Amedha Mozanphar. In a mixture of bureacratic indifference and gangsterism, Mozanphar casually dismissed friendly overtures and warnings of iminent danger from the command staff of the Phobos, prefering instead to delay decision on the matter. The senior officers then decided it would be best to start with the contingent of StarFleet marines and Federation civil population calling Ectair their home. This part, at least, was going in the Phobos’ favor. After a brief discussion, evacuation of Federation civilians got underway and Commander Gray’s marines were welcomed aboard the Phobos to bring her to full capacity and military capability.

Insisting on a face-to-face meeting, Ectair’s Chancellor gave the Captain and her officers a courteous, albeit icy reception. Mozanphar seemed unmoved but was willing to allow the Phobos and her crew relatively unrestricted access to any resources required to accomplish their mission, for a price.



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