Voyages of the Starship Phobos

GM Log Entry #9
Race to Ectair

Having rescued the crew of the Pride of Rigel from the unimaginably dangerous second planet killer, the first of which was dubbed ‘the Doomsday Machine’ by Captain James Kirk, the USS Phobos resumed course to the planet Ectair at maximum warp to warn Ectair’s inhabitants and mount an evacuation of as many Ectairians as possible. The Pride of Rigel followed not far behind, and although moving more casually toward Ectair, unfortunately so did the planet killer.

Captain T’Androma convened a hasty meeting to discuss any and all means available to accomplish their critical tasks of trying to neuttralize the doomsday device and evacuate Ectair. They would receive little help from Ectair’s Chancellor, Amedha Mozanphar. In a mixture of bureacratic indifference and gangsterism, Mozanphar casually dismissed friendly overtures and warnings of iminent danger from the command staff of the Phobos, prefering instead to delay decision on the matter. The senior officers then decided it would be best to start with the contingent of StarFleet marines and Federation civil population calling Ectair their home. This part, at least, was going in the Phobos’ favor. After a brief discussion, evacuation of Federation civilians got underway and Commander Gray’s marines were welcomed aboard the Phobos to bring her to full capacity and military capability.

Insisting on a face-to-face meeting, Ectair’s Chancellor gave the Captain and her officers a courteous, albeit icy reception. Mozanphar seemed unmoved but was willing to allow the Phobos and her crew relatively unrestricted access to any resources required to accomplish their mission, for a price.

GM Log Entry #8
The Planet Killer

GM’s Log: The valiant crew of the starship Phobos have found themselves face to face with the most terrifying and destructive weapon ever known to the Federation- the planet killer. Capable of destroying entire worlds, the device was intercepted heading towards the planet Ectair, an independent trade world currently under Orion rule.

The Phobos received a distress call from the trade vessel Pride of Rigel, captained by Patrick O’Flaherty- a Federation merchant. It was being pursued by the planet killer at high warp. Although one of her engines was badly damaged by the planet killer’s anti-proton beam, her captain refused to abandon the Pride, citing unspecified valuable cargo. Acting quickly (although with considerable discussion amongst the crew), Captain T’Androma elected to distract the device by ordering the Phobos to approach it from an oblique angle, where she opened fire with phasers and photon torpedoes. Unfortunately, while successful, this caused the planet killer to drop pursuit of the Pride and instead began heading towards the Phobos. Security Chief Hunter got the idea to fire a proximity photon torpedo to the side of the doomsday device, which provided sufficient distraction to allow the Pride and Phobos to escape. The planet killer then resumed course towards Ectair at reduced speed.

Comms officer Pushkinov continued to cast some suspicion and doubt on the Pride, and her captain’s reluctance to abandon ship. However, in the end it was decided that the Phobos would head to Ectair at maximum warp to attempt to warn the planet and mount an evacuation if at all possible, while the Pride followed behind and made an attempt to reach Ectair on its own. Having scanned the Pride to determine its cargo, captain O’Flaherty became outraged and broke communications with the Phobos. Arriving three days early, the Phobos got in contact with the commander of the Federation’s military contingent and ordered an immediate evacuation of its citizenry. Captain T’Androma was also granted permission to contact the chancellor’s office directly. where she attempted to warn Chancellor Mozanphar of the unimaginable danger posed by the arrival of the doomsday device. This warning was met with with considerable skepticism from an untrusting Orion politician, with ties to its government sanctioned illegal piracy. The crew decided it would necessary to persuade the chancellor in a more direct fashion, and beamed down to Ectair’s government headquarters.

GM’s note: This is not an easy mission, and so far the crew is doing very well.

GM Log Entry #7
A Doomsday Like Any Other

GM’s Log- with the successful resolution of the baffling mystery surrounding the disappearance of the personnel of Federation Deep Space Research (FDR) 39, the officers and crew of the USS Phobos returned to Star Base 15 for some much needed R&R before their next assignment. They were shocked to learn that Captain Bowman’s father had fallen ill to a life-threatening sickness, and that he would be forced to return to Earth as the admiral’s only close kin. With much emotion, he addressed the crew to inform them of this turn. First Officer T’Androma nearly had an uncharacteristic outburst at the news of Captain Bowman’s departure, but quickly resumed her composure- while the other officers expressed their concern for Captain Bowman’s father and gave their sympathies. Bowman took one last, sad look at the Phobos to watch it fade in the distance as he left for Earth on the first outgoing starship bound for home.

The Phobos’ crew decided to make the best of the situation by pursuing some well-earned leave planetside. Despite the availability of camp grounds, city life, shopping, etc, the majority of the Phobos’ senior officers eventually found themselves at the base’s local watering hole, Kessel’s Gambit. First Officer T’Androma decided to settle herself in a corner table in the bar with a book and some tea, while Science Officer MacCauley and Security Chief Hunter predictably made their way to the center bar to start the festivities. They were joined by Chief Engineer Zarath, and next by their new communications officer Yuri Pushkinov. Although they were requested to report to Commodore Bradley the next morning, most of the crew wasted little time in getting to the carousing. They enjoyed sampling mass quantities of whatever the bartender had, but were eventually introduced to a mischievous cocktail the bartender called ‘warp coolant’, with it’s characteristic ice-blue coloration, served in a glass with a shimmering light core. The evening would not go without a gratuitous bar fight, as a disgruntled base technician, bitter at having been passed over for space duty aboard a starship, foolishly elected to start a fight with Security Chief Hunter. His mouthing off was eventually rewarded with a bottle to the head, and was finally subdued with a broken nose, courtesy of Comm Officer Pushkinov. Seeing how the fight was turning, the base crewman’s friends hastily left the scene.

Much to the displeasure of the First Officer, Security Chief Hunter nearly missed the morning meeting, having been caught vomiting throughout the night per his excessive consumption of all manners of drink. MacCauley and Zarath did not fare too much better, except that Zarath had remembered an old hangover cure- a family recipe which he hastily concocted for himself and his crewmates. All recovered to more-or-less normal save Hunter, who only stopped vomiting and looked quite worse for wear. The three arrived at Commodore Bradley’s office to find their disapproving first officer, and Pushkinov..who, for all appearances did not seem to have consumed any alcohol the night before. Commodore Bradley glared angrily at some of the Phobos’s officers, but decided to ignore their disrespect to give them the news. First Officer T’Androma was given command of the Phobos for an evaluation period and awarded permanent promotion to Commander. For their actions on FDR 39 and earlier, all present were up for consideration for promotion (Pushkinov as well for his other work, although Bradley made no mention). The news that followed was not as easy. The Phobos was ordered to the Neutral Zone, at Romulan borderspace near Gorn territory. StarFleet wished to test their newest upgrade in battle if the Romulans gave cause, the crew suspected.

Before their departure, the Phobos’ officers were approached by one of the base’s shipyard engineers, Lt. Wilkins. He offered to fit the Phobos with end-phased although still-experimental sensing and communications enhancements, fitted for reversion if the bridge officers wished to use their conventional technologies. He also advised Chief Zarath against any untried propulsion modifications. Captain T’Androma agreed, and the changes were committed before the Phobos’ departure for the Neutral Zone. It was an uneventful journey to borderspace, marked only by some training engaged in by some of the officers. What happened next..the crew was likely never to forget.

On approach to the Neutral Zone, Comm Officer Pushkinov received a distress call from the independent trade vessel Pride of Rigel. She reported fleeing from a large indeterminate craft, with one badly damaged engine. Captain T’Androma ordered yellow alert and increased speed to intercept the Pride and its pursuer. What they encountered was beyond belief..a second doomsday device in pursuit of the Pride, as encountered earlier by Captain James Kirk and the crew of the USS Enterprise. Miles long, it’s hull was constructed out of impossibly dense neutronium and capable of destroying whole planets with a terrifying anti-proton beam weapon. It’s maw was a fiery chasm, out of Dante’s Inferno.

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GM Log Entry #5
New Ship & New Crew

Our crew was awarded Starfleet Citations for Conspicuous Gallantry for their actions during the last mission. Also, in a surprising turn of events, Commodore Bradley revealed the true nature of the USS Phobos’ refit. Our crew was introduced to their new ship in a dramatic fashion right out of the Start Trek: The Motion Picture. It turns out the Phobos is a prototype for the next generation of starship technologies that will pave the groundwork for years to come in starship design! In addition, the crew was introduced to their Security Chief, Lt. Zachery “Zack” Nolan Hunter, a human from London, UK, and their Chief Engineer Lt. Thylek Zarath, an Andorian, and a black sheep among his family. Lieutenants Hunter and Zarath were both involved in the refit of the Phobos, and are experts in the ship’s new weapons and engineering systems.

The ship launched and was immediately assigned to patrol in Federation space near the Federation/Klingon border and near space currently under influence of the Orion Syndicate. The ship’s patrol route brought them close to Federation Deep Space Research Facility 39 (FDR 39.) Captain Bowman realized that Starfleet General Orders required a routine check-in with the Station. First Officer T’Androma initiated contact and our crew spoke with a young, eager crewman assigned to the station, Crewman LeClerc. The crewman was excited to interact with our crew, being rather bored assigned to the space station. He also asked the crew if they were aware of the ion storm moving into the area, and asked for help from Chief Engineer Zarath about a problem the station was having with their environmental system. The Chief suggested that the starship stop by the station to help with the repairs. During the conversation, Crewman LeClerc suddenly stopped speaking in mid-sentence! The communications channel and subspace carrier wave remained opened. Captain Bowman made the decision to investigate and ordered the helmsman to warp 7.5. During the 4 hour journey, Doctor T’Preea, Lt Commander T’Androma, and Lt. McCauley used the time to brush up on their hand phaser skills under the capable tutelage of Lt. Hunter. Upon reaching the station, the crew found the station still unresponsive, and Science Officer McCauley’s sensor probes could not penetrate the ion’s storm’s interference at all. Captain Bowman, realizing lives were at stake, had no choice except to organize a boarding party for immediate beam over. Chief Engineer Zarath instructed the transporter operator to time the transporter sequence with a lull in the storm, and the familiar transporter effect enveloped our crew…What awaits them when they materialize on the station…???

GM Log Entry #4
Charging into the Fight!

In our last session…

The crew rescued Ambassador Rivera from the interrogation room. While plotting their next move, the intercom chimed. Our crew quickly decided that they had to answer and would rely on their Klingon language skills to (hopefully) get through the conversation. Captain Bowman opened the intercom channel and Klingon Commander Klarn’s voice boomed through the speaker! “Status of Federation Prisioners! Report!” Using their more advanced language skills, the other officers suggested how Captain Bowman should respond. The conversation proceeded somewhat awkwardly as Bowman stumbled with some pronunciation. Before things could get worse the Captain cut the channel and our crew decided it was time to “bug out.” Lt. McCauley aided the Ambassador and the crew proceeded immediately to the turbolift. Luckily Captain Bowman recalled the route to the Shuttle Bay and the turbolift doors opened directly onto the bay…and three Klingons! Also, the crew saw their small warp courier sitting in the bay! Realizing escape was at hand and catching the Klingons off guard, our crew charged into the fight. Ambassador Rivera, no doubt still delirious from the recent torture, pushed himself away from Lt. McCauley as she tried to shoulder him to their ship. The Ambassador crawled toward cover behind a console. Soon all three Klingons were quickly put out of action via precise phaser fire and hand to hand combat skills. First Officer T’Androma and Lt MaCauley realized they had to disable the security controls and open the shuttle bay doors before an escape could be made. Unfortunately Lt. McCauley improperly accessed the system, and a general shipboard alarm was sounded! Luckily T’Androma was still able to open the bay doors. The crew all scrambled to enter the ship – but – a Klingon appeared at the door and immediately fired his disruptor at the Ambassador at point-blank range. The shot missed and the Ambassador screamed like a girl. At this moment, Commander Klarn burst into the bay along with his personal guard, a female Klingon warrior. Klarn was armed to the teeth and shouted “Turn and fight you Federation cowards – have you no honor?!” Klarn’s guard, armed with a disruptor rifle, immediately opened fire. The shot missed and Captain bowman returned fire, dropping the guard. Klarn fired his hand disruptor at Lt. McCauley on full power, and the science officer very nearly was killed, but a bit of luck resulted in a very close miss. The Captain fired again, hitting Klarn on full stun…the enraged Klingon screamed “We’ll meet again!!” before dropping unconscious. At this point our crew entered their ship and powered up. Captain Bowman, still gravely injured from the recent fights, was given 3 stimulants by Doctor T’Preea. Flying as high as a kite and feeling no pain, our Captain was still able to expertly pilot the craft from the Klingon battlecruiser. Upon escaping, the crew realized that they were in orbit above Lorealyn III the whole time. The Klingons undoubtedly sought to “detain” the Federation Ambassador until the conference was completed, thereby sabotaging the Federation’s negotiation chances. Unable to fire on our crew without drawing attention to their plans, the players escaped and safely delivered the Ambassador to the conference. Now seeing the duplicitous nature of the Klingons for themselves, the Lorealyn people sided with the Federation side and agreed to join the UFP! The Klingon fleet left the system in disgrace. Despite overwhelming odds, our crew prevailed!

Gamemaster’s Note: This was a very difficult first adventure and the players did extremely well, and I did not “pull any punches.” It was very impressive to see how the players worked out their escape together and overcame the various challenges. Well done! On to the next mission / adventure…

GM Log Entry #3
There was a FIREFIGHT!

The players proceeded into the Security Chief’s office and discovered the last Klingon sprawled on the floor, unconscious from from the wounds inflicted by our crew. First Officer T’Androma used her Klingon Language and Computer Operations skills to hack into the desk computer terminal. After a period of trial and error, T’Androma located Ambassador Rivera via the video surveillance system under torture from the Klingons in the interrogation room on deck 9. Lt. McCauley used her computer operations skills to call up the Klingon cruiser’s deck plans. Capt Bowman used the key card found on the unconscious Klingon security chief to open the drawers in the security desk. Located in the drawers – two of our crew’s phasers! Meanwhile Doctor T-Preea applied a spray dressing to Capt Bowman’s festering knife wound. Several of the crew memorized key routes from the deck plans (to the interrogation room, transporter room, and shuttle bay.) Capt Bowman ordered the crew to proceed directly to the interrogation room to rescue the Ambassador via turbo lift. The turbo lift doors opened directly into the interrogation room and the crew came face to face with three Klingon guards armed with disruptors! The ambassador was on the ground, injured seriously from the torture, and screamed to our officers to save him! Capt Bowman yelled “You Klingon Bastards!!” and immediately dropped the first Klingon with a phaser shot (stun of course.) T-Preea then followed up with her own phaser shot, sending another Klingon into temporary oblivion. Oh, but the final Klingon proved quite a match for the crew! T’Androma and Lt. McCauley both engaged this Klingon in hand to hand combat, but to no avail! Capt Bowman and T’Preea fired wild phaser shots that were way off mark and Capt Bowman was hit with a grazing shot from the Klingon’s disruptor! Reeling in pain, Capt Bowman yelled “You Klingon Bastard!” The Klingon taunted our crew as he dodged and parried every attack. He swatted off T’Androma’s attempt at a neck pinch, sneeringly suggesting the pathetic move was undoubtedly a poor attempt for a Vulcan mating ritual! Finally, Lt. McCauley had enough and charged the Klingon and performed a flawless flying tackle, knocking the Klingon to the ground. Doctor T’Preea than dispatched the troublesome Klingon with a point-blank phaser shot. Our crew is now exhausted, Capt Bowman is seriously wounded, and the Ambassador can barely move. What next for the gallant Starfleet officers?

GM Log Entry #2
Awaken to the Unknown

The crew awoke in a prison cell of a Klingon battle cruiser with severe hangover-like symptoms. Doctor T’Preea gave stimulants to everyone to get them back into top shape. Two Klingons arrived to haul away Lt. McCauley for some nefarious purpose. Capt Bowman interjected with a flying tackle, quickly followed by Doctor T’Preea with her own flying tackle. Mayhem then ensued as our crew fought their way out. Vulcan nerve pinches were applied, martial art tactics were put to good use, and the Klingons were bloodied and knocked senseless. First Officer T’Androma performed an amazing leap to position herself behind a Klingon guard, followed by a nerve pinch. Lt. McCauley retrieved a knife that was knocked from a Klingon’s hand by Capt Bowman. The crew also put their Klingon language skills to good use by discovering they were on deck 7 and then they found the Security Chiefs office. What next? Can the intrepid crew locate Ambassador Rivera and escape…?

GM Log Entry #1
The Adventure Begins

The crew literally came together on this first adventure. Our officers reported to Starbase 15 to get to know each other as they awaited their starship the USS Phobos. Unfortunately, an ecological disaster on the colony Dawnstar required all starships in the sector to divert there for disaster relief. Our crew’s ship was diverted there before they could take command! As the only qualified starship crew left at the Starbase they were summoned to the base commander’s office by Commodore Bradley and given an important mission – Escort Federation Ambassador Rivera to important diplomatic conference via a small courier ship. Captain Bowman was apprehensive and questioned these orders to the fullest extent possible. First Officer T’Androma also questioned the the Commodore, specifically about the Prime Directive. In the end, our officers were ordered to carry out the mission, and they did so, albeit reluctantly.

Doctor T-Preea performed extensive medical checks on all officers before departing. On the way to the planet Lorealyn III, Science Officer McCauley performed a sensor scan that revealed a Klingon D-7 tracking their ship’s course. The D-7 subsequently closed with the ship and ordered an immediate surrender! Captain Bowman took decisive action which resulted in a brief battle with overwhelming odds! The small Starfleet ship ultimately succumbed to disruptor fire (on STUN setting) which quickly incapacitated our crew. What awaits them next…?


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