Voyages of the Starship Phobos

GM Log Entry #8

The Planet Killer

GM’s Log: The valiant crew of the starship Phobos have found themselves face to face with the most terrifying and destructive weapon ever known to the Federation- the planet killer. Capable of destroying entire worlds, the device was intercepted heading towards the planet Ectair, an independent trade world currently under Orion rule.

The Phobos received a distress call from the trade vessel Pride of Rigel, captained by Patrick O’Flaherty- a Federation merchant. It was being pursued by the planet killer at high warp. Although one of her engines was badly damaged by the planet killer’s anti-proton beam, her captain refused to abandon the Pride, citing unspecified valuable cargo. Acting quickly (although with considerable discussion amongst the crew), Captain T’Androma elected to distract the device by ordering the Phobos to approach it from an oblique angle, where she opened fire with phasers and photon torpedoes. Unfortunately, while successful, this caused the planet killer to drop pursuit of the Pride and instead began heading towards the Phobos. Security Chief Hunter got the idea to fire a proximity photon torpedo to the side of the doomsday device, which provided sufficient distraction to allow the Pride and Phobos to escape. The planet killer then resumed course towards Ectair at reduced speed.

Comms officer Pushkinov continued to cast some suspicion and doubt on the Pride, and her captain’s reluctance to abandon ship. However, in the end it was decided that the Phobos would head to Ectair at maximum warp to attempt to warn the planet and mount an evacuation if at all possible, while the Pride followed behind and made an attempt to reach Ectair on its own. Having scanned the Pride to determine its cargo, captain O’Flaherty became outraged and broke communications with the Phobos. Arriving three days early, the Phobos got in contact with the commander of the Federation’s military contingent and ordered an immediate evacuation of its citizenry. Captain T’Androma was also granted permission to contact the chancellor’s office directly. where she attempted to warn Chancellor Mozanphar of the unimaginable danger posed by the arrival of the doomsday device. This warning was met with with considerable skepticism from an untrusting Orion politician, with ties to its government sanctioned illegal piracy. The crew decided it would necessary to persuade the chancellor in a more direct fashion, and beamed down to Ectair’s government headquarters.

GM’s note: This is not an easy mission, and so far the crew is doing very well.



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