Voyages of the Starship Phobos

GM Log Entry #5

New Ship & New Crew

Our crew was awarded Starfleet Citations for Conspicuous Gallantry for their actions during the last mission. Also, in a surprising turn of events, Commodore Bradley revealed the true nature of the USS Phobos’ refit. Our crew was introduced to their new ship in a dramatic fashion right out of the Start Trek: The Motion Picture. It turns out the Phobos is a prototype for the next generation of starship technologies that will pave the groundwork for years to come in starship design! In addition, the crew was introduced to their Security Chief, Lt. Zachery “Zack” Nolan Hunter, a human from London, UK, and their Chief Engineer Lt. Thylek Zarath, an Andorian, and a black sheep among his family. Lieutenants Hunter and Zarath were both involved in the refit of the Phobos, and are experts in the ship’s new weapons and engineering systems.

The ship launched and was immediately assigned to patrol in Federation space near the Federation/Klingon border and near space currently under influence of the Orion Syndicate. The ship’s patrol route brought them close to Federation Deep Space Research Facility 39 (FDR 39.) Captain Bowman realized that Starfleet General Orders required a routine check-in with the Station. First Officer T’Androma initiated contact and our crew spoke with a young, eager crewman assigned to the station, Crewman LeClerc. The crewman was excited to interact with our crew, being rather bored assigned to the space station. He also asked the crew if they were aware of the ion storm moving into the area, and asked for help from Chief Engineer Zarath about a problem the station was having with their environmental system. The Chief suggested that the starship stop by the station to help with the repairs. During the conversation, Crewman LeClerc suddenly stopped speaking in mid-sentence! The communications channel and subspace carrier wave remained opened. Captain Bowman made the decision to investigate and ordered the helmsman to warp 7.5. During the 4 hour journey, Doctor T’Preea, Lt Commander T’Androma, and Lt. McCauley used the time to brush up on their hand phaser skills under the capable tutelage of Lt. Hunter. Upon reaching the station, the crew found the station still unresponsive, and Science Officer McCauley’s sensor probes could not penetrate the ion’s storm’s interference at all. Captain Bowman, realizing lives were at stake, had no choice except to organize a boarding party for immediate beam over. Chief Engineer Zarath instructed the transporter operator to time the transporter sequence with a lull in the storm, and the familiar transporter effect enveloped our crew…What awaits them when they materialize on the station…???



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