Voyages of the Starship Phobos

GM Log Entry #4

Charging into the Fight!

In our last session…

The crew rescued Ambassador Rivera from the interrogation room. While plotting their next move, the intercom chimed. Our crew quickly decided that they had to answer and would rely on their Klingon language skills to (hopefully) get through the conversation. Captain Bowman opened the intercom channel and Klingon Commander Klarn’s voice boomed through the speaker! “Status of Federation Prisioners! Report!” Using their more advanced language skills, the other officers suggested how Captain Bowman should respond. The conversation proceeded somewhat awkwardly as Bowman stumbled with some pronunciation. Before things could get worse the Captain cut the channel and our crew decided it was time to “bug out.” Lt. McCauley aided the Ambassador and the crew proceeded immediately to the turbolift. Luckily Captain Bowman recalled the route to the Shuttle Bay and the turbolift doors opened directly onto the bay…and three Klingons! Also, the crew saw their small warp courier sitting in the bay! Realizing escape was at hand and catching the Klingons off guard, our crew charged into the fight. Ambassador Rivera, no doubt still delirious from the recent torture, pushed himself away from Lt. McCauley as she tried to shoulder him to their ship. The Ambassador crawled toward cover behind a console. Soon all three Klingons were quickly put out of action via precise phaser fire and hand to hand combat skills. First Officer T’Androma and Lt MaCauley realized they had to disable the security controls and open the shuttle bay doors before an escape could be made. Unfortunately Lt. McCauley improperly accessed the system, and a general shipboard alarm was sounded! Luckily T’Androma was still able to open the bay doors. The crew all scrambled to enter the ship – but – a Klingon appeared at the door and immediately fired his disruptor at the Ambassador at point-blank range. The shot missed and the Ambassador screamed like a girl. At this moment, Commander Klarn burst into the bay along with his personal guard, a female Klingon warrior. Klarn was armed to the teeth and shouted “Turn and fight you Federation cowards – have you no honor?!” Klarn’s guard, armed with a disruptor rifle, immediately opened fire. The shot missed and Captain bowman returned fire, dropping the guard. Klarn fired his hand disruptor at Lt. McCauley on full power, and the science officer very nearly was killed, but a bit of luck resulted in a very close miss. The Captain fired again, hitting Klarn on full stun…the enraged Klingon screamed “We’ll meet again!!” before dropping unconscious. At this point our crew entered their ship and powered up. Captain Bowman, still gravely injured from the recent fights, was given 3 stimulants by Doctor T’Preea. Flying as high as a kite and feeling no pain, our Captain was still able to expertly pilot the craft from the Klingon battlecruiser. Upon escaping, the crew realized that they were in orbit above Lorealyn III the whole time. The Klingons undoubtedly sought to “detain” the Federation Ambassador until the conference was completed, thereby sabotaging the Federation’s negotiation chances. Unable to fire on our crew without drawing attention to their plans, the players escaped and safely delivered the Ambassador to the conference. Now seeing the duplicitous nature of the Klingons for themselves, the Lorealyn people sided with the Federation side and agreed to join the UFP! The Klingon fleet left the system in disgrace. Despite overwhelming odds, our crew prevailed!

Gamemaster’s Note: This was a very difficult first adventure and the players did extremely well, and I did not “pull any punches.” It was very impressive to see how the players worked out their escape together and overcame the various challenges. Well done! On to the next mission / adventure…



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