Voyages of the Starship Phobos

GM Log Entry #3

There was a FIREFIGHT!

The players proceeded into the Security Chief’s office and discovered the last Klingon sprawled on the floor, unconscious from from the wounds inflicted by our crew. First Officer T’Androma used her Klingon Language and Computer Operations skills to hack into the desk computer terminal. After a period of trial and error, T’Androma located Ambassador Rivera via the video surveillance system under torture from the Klingons in the interrogation room on deck 9. Lt. McCauley used her computer operations skills to call up the Klingon cruiser’s deck plans. Capt Bowman used the key card found on the unconscious Klingon security chief to open the drawers in the security desk. Located in the drawers – two of our crew’s phasers! Meanwhile Doctor T-Preea applied a spray dressing to Capt Bowman’s festering knife wound. Several of the crew memorized key routes from the deck plans (to the interrogation room, transporter room, and shuttle bay.) Capt Bowman ordered the crew to proceed directly to the interrogation room to rescue the Ambassador via turbo lift. The turbo lift doors opened directly into the interrogation room and the crew came face to face with three Klingon guards armed with disruptors! The ambassador was on the ground, injured seriously from the torture, and screamed to our officers to save him! Capt Bowman yelled “You Klingon Bastards!!” and immediately dropped the first Klingon with a phaser shot (stun of course.) T-Preea then followed up with her own phaser shot, sending another Klingon into temporary oblivion. Oh, but the final Klingon proved quite a match for the crew! T’Androma and Lt. McCauley both engaged this Klingon in hand to hand combat, but to no avail! Capt Bowman and T’Preea fired wild phaser shots that were way off mark and Capt Bowman was hit with a grazing shot from the Klingon’s disruptor! Reeling in pain, Capt Bowman yelled “You Klingon Bastard!” The Klingon taunted our crew as he dodged and parried every attack. He swatted off T’Androma’s attempt at a neck pinch, sneeringly suggesting the pathetic move was undoubtedly a poor attempt for a Vulcan mating ritual! Finally, Lt. McCauley had enough and charged the Klingon and performed a flawless flying tackle, knocking the Klingon to the ground. Doctor T’Preea than dispatched the troublesome Klingon with a point-blank phaser shot. Our crew is now exhausted, Capt Bowman is seriously wounded, and the Ambassador can barely move. What next for the gallant Starfleet officers?



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