Voyages of the Starship Phobos

GM Log Entry #2

Awaken to the Unknown

The crew awoke in a prison cell of a Klingon battle cruiser with severe hangover-like symptoms. Doctor T’Preea gave stimulants to everyone to get them back into top shape. Two Klingons arrived to haul away Lt. McCauley for some nefarious purpose. Capt Bowman interjected with a flying tackle, quickly followed by Doctor T’Preea with her own flying tackle. Mayhem then ensued as our crew fought their way out. Vulcan nerve pinches were applied, martial art tactics were put to good use, and the Klingons were bloodied and knocked senseless. First Officer T’Androma performed an amazing leap to position herself behind a Klingon guard, followed by a nerve pinch. Lt. McCauley retrieved a knife that was knocked from a Klingon’s hand by Capt Bowman. The crew also put their Klingon language skills to good use by discovering they were on deck 7 and then they found the Security Chiefs office. What next? Can the intrepid crew locate Ambassador Rivera and escape…?



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