Voyages of the Starship Phobos

GM Log Entry #1

The Adventure Begins

The crew literally came together on this first adventure. Our officers reported to Starbase 15 to get to know each other as they awaited their starship the USS Phobos. Unfortunately, an ecological disaster on the colony Dawnstar required all starships in the sector to divert there for disaster relief. Our crew’s ship was diverted there before they could take command! As the only qualified starship crew left at the Starbase they were summoned to the base commander’s office by Commodore Bradley and given an important mission – Escort Federation Ambassador Rivera to important diplomatic conference via a small courier ship. Captain Bowman was apprehensive and questioned these orders to the fullest extent possible. First Officer T’Androma also questioned the the Commodore, specifically about the Prime Directive. In the end, our officers were ordered to carry out the mission, and they did so, albeit reluctantly.

Doctor T-Preea performed extensive medical checks on all officers before departing. On the way to the planet Lorealyn III, Science Officer McCauley performed a sensor scan that revealed a Klingon D-7 tracking their ship’s course. The D-7 subsequently closed with the ship and ordered an immediate surrender! Captain Bowman took decisive action which resulted in a brief battle with overwhelming odds! The small Starfleet ship ultimately succumbed to disruptor fire (on STUN setting) which quickly incapacitated our crew. What awaits them next…?



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